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LU Petit coeur 125g

Lu Petit Cœur, meaning “Little Heart” in French, is a captivating confection that encapsulates the essence of love in every heart-shaped cookie. Crafted by the renowned French brand, Lu, these petite biscuits are a perfect blend of tender texture and just the right amount of sweetness.


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LU Petit coeur 125g

Lu Biscuits play a role in numerous shared moments, from family gatherings to intimate celebrations. The brand recognizes the importance of biscuits in building connections and promoting togetherness, crafting each Lu creation to elevate those moments of joy.


Wheat flour, vegetable oils (palm, copra), sugar, chocolate powder (sugar, cocoa powder), lactose (milk), baking powder (ammonium acid carbonate, sodium acid carbonate), Whole milk powder, cocoa paste, salt, hazelnut paste, emulsifier (soy lecithin)

Nutrition Facts

Saturated Fat15.5g/100g

Key Features and Delightful Attributes:

  1. Heart-Shaped Elegance. LU Petit Cœur biscuits are meticulously shaped into adorable hearts, adding a touch of elegance and charm to each bite. The distinct form makes them not only delicious but also a visual delight.
  2. Buttery and Tender Texture. Bite into the buttery and tender texture of LU Petit Cœur, experiencing a melt-in-your-mouth sensation that defines the epitome of French biscuit craftsmanship.
  3. Subtle Sweetness: LU Petit Cœur strikes the perfect balance of sweetness, allowing the natural flavors to shine. The subtle sweetness makes them an ideal accompaniment to various beverages or a delightful standalone treat.
  4. Versatility in Pairing: These heart-shaped biscuits are versatile companions for your moments of relaxation. Whether enjoyed with a cup of tea, coffee, LU Petit Cœur enhances your snacking experience.
  5. Thoughtful Packaging: LU understands the importance of preserving freshness. LU Petit Cœur is thoughtfully packaged to ensure that each biscuit retains its delicate texture and delectable flavor, ready to elevate your indulgent moments.

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