Loste Duck Foie Gras 200g

Foie Gras Delice Girolles Glass Jar 200g- Foie Gras Delice Girolles is a culinary gem that showcases the artistry of French gastronomy. This exquisite delicacy seamlessly marries the velvety texture of foie gras with the nuanced earthiness of girolles mushrooms, creating a sublime fusion of flavors.


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Loste Duck Foie Gras 200g

LOSTE, a French agri-food company that brings together a network of regional companies with charcuterie and catering know-how. Famous from its pate and foie gras such as Loste Duck Foie Gras.


Duck Foie gras (20%). Chanterelle Mushroom.

Nutrition Facts

Saturated fat12g/100g
Carbohydrates 5.6g/100g

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes Foie Gras Delice Girolles unique?

Foie Gras Delice Girolles stands out for its exquisite blend of velvety foie gras and the earthy richness of girolles mushrooms, creating a harmonious and luxurious taste experience.

2. How should I serve Foie Gras Delice Girolles ?

This delicacy is incredibly versatile. You can serve it on its own as a gourmet appetizer, spread it on crusty bread, or incorporate it into sophisticated main courses to add a touch of opulence.

3. Are the girolles mushrooms in Foie Gras Delice Girolles sourced with care?

Yes, the girolles mushrooms are meticulously sourced to ensure the highest quality and to complement the richness of the foie gras.

4. How do I store Foie Gras Delice Girolles?

For optimal freshness, it’s recommended to refrigerate Foie Gras Delice Girolles. Follow any specific storage instructions on the packaging.

5. Is Foie Gras Delice Girolles suitable for special occasions?

Absolutely. Foie Gras Delice Girolles adds a touch of sophistication to any special occasion, making it an ideal choice for celebrations and gourmet gatherings.

6. Are there specific serving suggestions for Foie Gras Delice Girolles?

Foie Gras Delice Girolles pairs wonderfully with crusty bread, crackers, or even as a topping for canapés. You can also incorporate it into pasta dishes or risottos for an indulgent twist

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