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Leonard Parli Gift Pack 125g

Leonard Parli Gift Pack 125g- Box set with 5 specialities from Maison Léonard Parli, an exceptional confectioner in Aix-en-Provence since 1874. Mini Calissons, Fruit Jellies (orange, apricot, passion fruit, raspberry and strawberry), White nougat with lavender honey, Orangettes with sugar, Promenade Gourmande (assortment of almonds and hazelnuts covered in chocolate).

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 Leonard Parli Gift Pack

Founded in 1874, Maison Léonard Parli owes its fame to the calissons of Aix. Since then, artisans have been perpetuating this gourmet tradition for more than a century.

Maison Léonard Parli offers a variation of its candied fruit chocolate-covered and calissons. But also Gift Packs such as this Leonars Parli Gift Pack 125g. Loyal staffs attached to Maison PARLI package manually all of Leonard Parli’s specialties. A rigorous control of the boxes is therefore carried out during packaging. The double verification by the production manager reinforces the quality of these meticulous controls. Léonard PARLI confectionery is also free of artificial flavors, made in Provence and certified GMO-free.

Product Description

  • Mini Calissons,
  • Fruit Jellies
  • White nougat with lavender honey
  • Orangettes and Promenade Gourmande.
  • Gift Pack of 125g

What are fruit jellies?

Fruit jellies are a type of confectionery madde by cookie fruit juice or puree wirh sugar until it reaches a gel like consistency.

What are Calissons?

Calissons are a traditional French confectionnery. They come from the Provence Region. They are made with smooth paste of ground almonds, mixed candied fruits and flavored with a touch of blossom water. The mixture is then shaped into small ovals.

What is Nougat?

White Nougat is made with syggar, egg whites, and uts. It has a soft texture and can come in different various flavors.

Packaging created and manufactured in France.

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