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Daucy Potato vegetable mix 265g

Daucy Potato vegetable Mix 265g- Embrace the natural vibrancy and quality of Daucy Vegetable Mix, a delightful fusion of premium-quality vegetables meticulously selected for their freshness and flavor. Crafted to elevate the taste and visual appeal of your dishes, this mix brings together a colorful assortment of vegetables, including carrots, peas, green beans, green peas and potatoes. Serves 1 to 2 people per can.


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Daucy Potato Vegetable Mix 265g- Experience the exquisite blend of freshness and indulgence with Daucy vegetable mix. Carefully harvested and delicately preserved, you will capture the essence of farm-fresh goodness in every bite.

Daucy is a renowned French brand celebrated for its commitment to delivering premium quality, flavorful, and nutritious canned vegetables. With a rich heritage dating back decades, Daucy has established itself as a pioneer in the industry, setting high standards for agricultural excellence and sustainable farming practices. Known for its range of carefully selected and expertly processed vegetables, Daucy prides itself on preserving the natural essence and freshness of each ingredient.


Vegetables (carrots, potatoes (18%), green beans, green peas, flageolet), water and salt.

Nutrition Fact

Saturated fatty acid0g/100g

Nutri Score

Frequently asked questions

1) How to store Daucy vegetable Mix?

Before opening store at room temperature. After opening store in the fridge and consume within 48 hours.

2)What is the life shelf of Daucy Potato Vegetable Mix?

The lifeshelf of Daucy caned vegetables can go up to 2 years. Once opened the life shelf is up to 3 days when left in the fridge.

2) Does Daucy have any other products?

Daucy offers a range of other products such as canned Green beans, Green Peas, Lentils ect.


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